RE: Week #11- HELP PLEASE!!

Every time I try inputting the answers for Week#11, my page changes automatically and I am not able to see all the boxes to input the answers nor does the screen have an arrow at the bottom to move the screen from right to left in order to see the remaining portion of the page. In addition, I am not able to see the answers I got incorrect/correct. When clicking on the submit button to submit the assignment it always have an error message that says "one or more of the questions have not be completed and will be marked as incomplete", although I have inputted all the answers (after my page random just changes), so I don't know where I am going wrong on this assignment. I don't even think it is reading the information I put in due to the error messages I receive.

I also notice that all the "assignments" in the DASHBOARD that are after Week# 7 will not automatically open as a WORD document in order to review for the finals. For example when going to the "assignments" in the DASHBOARD for Week #6 when clicking on details a box automatically pops up at the bottom that gives you the option to "OPEN, SAVE OR DOWNLOAD". When clicking on Open it open up the actual assignment that you have completed in WORD so that you view it and can use it for review and practice. ALL of the assignments after Week#7, starting at Week #8 do not give this option to "OPEN, SAVE, OR DOWNLOAD".

I have tried downloading the software again and I am still having issues.


Hi, Our team will reach out to you via email as soon as possible.