Harmonia is a music theory app and web-based learning management system. It combines musical score notation with a patented real-time music analysis engine and automatically grades student work to provide instant, pedagogical feedback. Click here to learn more.

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Patented Analysis Engine

Harmonia analyzes music in real time

Parallel fifths, poor spacing, unresolved 7ths: Harmonia responds to the actual notes students compose.

Course Management

Deliver and Store in the Cloud

Homework in Harmonia is distributed to your students via the cloud, then automatically graded and stored in your student’ online grade book. You have the ability to set due dates, timed practices, and much more in your course dashboard.

Hear the Music

Playback notations, and multimedia

Notations have MIDI playback, so students can use their ears to help them learn theory. Harmonia can also embed audio files and video links to create complete multimedia teaching documents.

Online Gradebook

Know how you are doing, and how to improve

Everyone can find out their grades quickly and easily. Teachers also have access to some simple statistics tools, helping them manage their class more effectively.