To help teachers and students during COVID-19 outbreak, We offer harmonia free of charge during this period. Detail

When do I get started?

Signed up now I'm waiting for some learning. Why all of the empty pages?


Hi johawk01, Currently Harmonia is only available for teachers and their students. Courses for individuals will be available in Early January. Please stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you have not tried the Harmonia App yet, you can check it out here. There are some trial content that you can try. The fully-functional app will be available in early January as well. We are all very excited about it. Sincerely, Harmonia development team

What is the projected cost?

  • Teachers can access the full features of the app with no cost as long as they have active courses hosted by us.
  • If you are a teacher and plan to make your students pay it, the projected cost is $5/month. In other words, if your semester is 4 month long, the course fee is $20 per student.
  • If you are planning on purchasing site license, please contact us directly.
  • We are also intensively making our own online lessons. The first phase - Music Fundamentals (including pitch/clefs, scales/keys, intervals, and triads/sevenths) will be online in a couple days. Each lessons will be $5 or less for subscription. Teachers can request free access to all those lessons. Just email us and we will set it up for you.

As a start up small company, we are all very excited about our first release of products. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do better. Any comments / suggestions are appreciated!

I am an individual and my school is not signed up for this type of course. How can I just his on my own

We are intensively making online lessons for people like you! The first phase of the lessons release - Music Fundamentals will be within a week. There will be four lessons including Pitch/clefs, Scale/Key, Intervals, and Chords(Triads/Sevenths). More advanced courses such as chord progression / voice leading will be available as soon as they are ready to be launched. It will be sometime before the end of Summer.

I am an AP Music Theory teacher and am very interested in your product. As of now navigation of the program both in the App and online is really cumbersome, though I am sure this will improve. I cannot find a link anywhere that addresses site licensing costs. I will probably go ahead and purchase the individual copy for $29 so that I can play with it and further evaluate. What is or will be the cost/station for a license to use in a school setting? In each academic year I will probably have about 10-15 students who will be taking my course. Is the site licensing based on the number of stations? Do I have them register and create accounts and the join my class?

Hi Mr. Turner,

We got your email this morning. I have forwarded it to my colleague who is in charge of communicating with teachers. He will be in touch with you very shortly. Thanks for being interested in our products.

I look forward to hearing from you. From what I have seen I think the product has great potential, and hope I will be able to use it.