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This self-contained course includes 4 lessons on interval size and quality, simple and compound intervals, altering interval quality, interval inversion, and enharmonic intervals and other considerations. Our seven interval exercises hone your skills by allowing you to practice interval identification and spelling on one or two staves and test your knowledge of interval quality and inversion. Take the entire course or pick and choose what you need to study. The choice is yours!

Welcome to Harmonia!

Welcome to Harmonia - INSTRUCTIONS

Interval Lessons

Lesson 1: Intervals Overview
Lesson 2: Altering Interval Quality
Lesson 3: Interval Inversion
Lesson 4: Enharmonic Intervals and Other Considerations

Intervals Exercises

Simple Intervals Identification (single staff)
Interval Identification (grand staff)
Identifying All Intervals (simple and compound)
Interval Quality: Consonance and Dissonance
Interval Spelling - Above (grand staff)
Interval Spelling - Below (grand staff)
Interval Inversion