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*Harmonia Chromebooks is a beta release of Harmonia that runs in the following configurations: Chromebooks, Chrome Browser (Mac, Windows 10), Firefox (Mac, Windows 10), Edge (Windows 10). Please note that iPad and the Safari browser are currently not supported.

Harmonia is absolutely free for teachers.

Our app is free for teachers,
and so is our content. Take a look.

Plan your course

From the basics to advanced part-writing with chromatic harmony, we have a wide range of interactive worksheets. Browse a selection of our content now. Or see our entire library when you sign up for a free teacher account. Remember to request a teacher account during the sign-up process.

Schools We Are Proudly Serving

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Truman University

The Meadows School - Las Vegas, Nevada

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

North Central High School in Indianapolis

Virginia Commonwealth University

Temple University


Video: Course Management with Harmonia.

Improve the Quality and Speed of Learning

Feedback is one of the most important ways we learn new skills

Students don't need to wait for days to find out their grade - they can find out in seconds with Harmonia. You can allow students to submit assignments multiple times, redo part writing automatically transposed to different keys, or incremental grading that allows them to grade only what they've completed as they progress through an assignment.

Create Your Own Worksheets

Or use anything from our library

Whether your own, or ours, or a practice, homework, or exam, all Harmonia documents are completely interactive, intelligently analyzed, and automatically graded.

Configure Your Course

Detailed settings accommodate your class syllabus

Have a proficiency based course? Want to allow late submissions? From due dates, allowing multiple submissions, uploading the student's file automatically, and grading rubrics, you can configure your course any way you like.

Automatic Grading

Let Harmonia collect homework and grade for you

Grading takes milliseconds, not days, and student worksheets can be automatically uploaded and stored for you. Now you can focus on what you do best — delve into the music literature, apply theory in meaningful ways, and teach music, and not just part writing rules.

Statistics and Gradebook

See how students are doing at a glance

Simple statistics tools let you see the grade distribution, the mean, standard deviation, and more. View the entire spreadsheet online, or download your gradebook as a CSV (comma separated values) file that you can import into your favorite software.

FREE for Teachers

Students pay $29.95 per 15 week semester

Teachers using it with paying students get all app features and our course content for free. If you'd like your school to purchase a bundle of licenses for your students, email us at

Prices and Services

Complete Course Delivery

License fees are paid by each student per course, price varying by the length of the course according to the below chart. Alternatively, email us if your school would like to purchase a bundle of licenses on behalf of your students.
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High School Discount: To support music education, Illiac Software proudly offers 25% discount (based on the pricing in the chart above) in 2024 to high schools purchasing site licenses for their students and the first semester is free.

Testing Only

Institutions pay per test taken. For a single exam, such as an entrance exam, payment is determined at the end of the testing period. For rolling exams, we calculate exam pricing annually, and charge incrementally every 3 months.
Contact us directly for more details. We set up all testing services manually, and we are happy to help.
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Getting Started - Teachers

QuickStart Guide

Go to our Quickstart Guide. If you have more questions, contact us at

Video: A General Overview of How to Use Harmonia

In 7 minutes, get a quick idea of how to use Harmonia.

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  • Download the free Harmonia app
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  • Check "sign in as visitor" in the pop up box
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The Cloud menu will fill up with worksheets you can interact with, fill out, and even grade.