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Presto Courses

Welcome to the Presto Course page by Illiac Software.

Brushing up on music fundamentals? Taking a music theory course and need a bit more help? Preparing for college/university placement exams? Presto Courses are for you.

Presto Courses are short, self-contained courses that target a single, specific topic. Each Presto Course contains one or more interactive lessons and a variety of practice exercises designed to enable users to practice and test their skills. Practice each topic until mastery and then move on to the next Presto Course of your choice.

Can't find the topic you're looking for? Keep visiting this pageā€”our Illiac Software team will be adding more short courses each month to meet your needs.

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Study any one or all of our Fundamentals Presto Courses to learn more about the basics of music and music notation. Learn how to read notes on a staff, on multiple clefs and test your comprehension with a variety of exercises to hone your skills. Learn about scales and key signatures, as well as intervals and chords. Try all of our short courses and gain a basic understanding of music fundamentals today.

Pitch and Clef

This self-contained course contains 5 lessons and 16 notation and identification exercises. This course covers treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs, as well as differences between pitch and pitch class. Pick and choose the lessons and exercises you'd like to study or try them all.

Scales and Key Signatures

This self-contained course contains 7 lessons and 15 exercises. Select from 4 major and 8 minor scale exercises, 2 major and minor key signature exercises, and 1 exercise on scale degrees and function labels. Pick and choose the lessons and exercises you'd like to study or try them all.


This self-contained course contains 4 lessons and 7 interval exercises. Pick and choose the lessons and exercises you'd like to study or take the time to try them all.

Chord Symbols, Triads, and Seventh Chords

This self-contained course contains 4 lessons, 9 chord symbols exercises and 16 triad and seventh chord exercises. Pick and choose the lessons and exercises you'd like to study or take the time to try them all.

Diatonic Harmony

If you want to learn more about diatonic harmony and voice leading, consider any of the following Presto Courses. Learn about chord symbols and Roman numerals, inversions, Introduction to part writing and voice leading, and first- and second-inversion chords, predominant chords, embellishing or non-chord tones, and embedded phrase models. These short, self-contained lessons and exercises will give you a broad overview of diatonic harmony.

Chord Symbols & Roman Numerals

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Roman Numerals & Inversions

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Introduction to Part-Writing

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First-Inversion Triads

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Coming Soon

Embellishing Tones

Coming Soon

Embedded Phrase Models

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These Presto Courses cover chromatic harmony and voice leading. Learn about tonicization and modulation, modal mixture, Neapolitan chords, augmented sixth chords, and advanced chromaticism. Look beyond tonal harmony and select a Presto Course to learn about integer notation, diatonic modes, and whole-tone and octatonic scales.

Applied/Secondary Chords

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Modal Mixture

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Neapolitan Chords

Coming Soon

Augmented 6th Chords

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Advanced Chromaticism

Coming Soon

Integer Notation

Coming Soon

Diatonic Modes & Synthetic Scales

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