Harmonia Pricing

License fees are paid by each student per course, price varying by the length of the course according to the below chart. Alternatively, email us if your school would like to purchase a bundle of site licenses on behalf of your students.

Length of Course in Weeks Course Price Per Student
Up to 4 weeks $15.95 USD
Up to 6 weeks $17.95 USD
Up to 8 weeks $19.95 USD
Up to 12 weeks $23.95 USD
Up to 16 weeks $29.95 USD
Up to 21 weeks $39.95 USD
Up to 42 weeks $69.95 USD
Up to 52 weeks $79.95 USD

*Pricing valid till December 31, 2024

High School Discount: To support music education, Illiac Software proudly offers 25% discount (based on the pricing in the chart above) in 2024 to high schools purchasing site licenses for their students.

Using Harmonia for testing

Institutions pay per test taken. For a single exam, such as an entrance exam, payment is determined at the end of the testing period. For rolling exams, we calculate exam pricing annually, and charge incrementally every 3 months.

Contact us directly for more details. We set up all testing services manually, and we are happy to help.